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Scholarships & HTAS

Sports Centre Scholarships

The Sports Centre in Basingstoke offers scholarships for athletes when they have become county representative level or higher in their selective sports.  We know how important it is to support our local athletes especially with the opportunity of competing at national level.  A scholarship gives the athlete access to our facilities, to enable them to train for free and take advantage of our first class facilities.  

Scholars are selected depending on their age, occupation and where they live and need to be thirteen years or above.

The interview selection takes place with a panel of councillors, trustees and sports specialists, and each year up to10 athletes are chosen for this award.

Current Scholarships include - Ben Peggs, David Shepperd & Edgar Hornby (Fencing), Myles Richardson, Robert Tobin, Mark Berridge, Andy Blow, Rebecca Curtis-Harris & Tanisha Clayton (Athletics), Adam Rouse (Cricket), Jordan Slaney (Judo), James Feighery-Murphy (Karate), Adam Nditi (Football), Kate Robson (Triathlon), Genni Elliott (Archery), Lucy Reeder (Cricket), William Joyce & Chris May-Miller (Rugby) and Hannah Parker (Modern Pentathlon)

For more information contact Alexis  Alexis.Barry@sportscentre.org.uk

Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme (HTAS)

Hampshire County Council in partnership with other agencies provide services to help Hampshire's most talented athletes reach world class podiums. Support is based on performance levels and can include free access to Gym Facilities in participating leisure centres including Basingstoke Sports Centre

The scheme is open to residents in the borough who are aged over 11 years competing in HTAS supported sports and at the required level. Full details of the scheme are available via the Hampshire Sports partnership website - http://www3.hants.gov.uk/shiow/talentedathletes.htm 

Local Athletes on the scheme for 2012 are - Natalie Aldridge, Kierra Barker, Amy Blagbrough, Elizabeth Bundock, Ross Catlin, Tanisha Clayton, Elliott Dewey, Callum ellis, Danielle Harrison, Devon Holt, Edgar Hornby, Rebecca Jane, Daniel Lannigan, Jordan Lucas, Shelley Ludford, Leonora Mackinnon, Kate Metalli, Adam Milne, Hannah Pparker, Daniel Reynaldo, Myles Richardson, Owen Richardson, Henry Ridgers, Zara Ryan, Sam Sleap, Bradley Sutton, Robert Tobin, Amy Trask, Michael trask, Ryan Trask & David-Roy Wood