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Toning & Conditioning

Body MAX

Bring the gym to the studio with free weights to create a resistance-based class to reshape and tone the body. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Body MAX Bootcamp

Non-stop intervals of functional training.  Strength, power, resistance and ab/core with use of free weights.  

Body Extreme

An explosive workout combining aerobic endurance with strength conditioning. A full body workout using dumbbells. 

Body Sculpting

An inspirational top to toe conditioning class focussing on functional exercise and isolation work, using body bars or resistance tubing to re-shape the body.

Fab Abs/Ultimate Abs

Reshape your waistline using new stabilisation and postural variations. This class focuses entirely on the torso (deep abdominal muscles, waist and lower back).

Find your core muscles, and discover how to work towards a balanced body, improve posture and shape. The flexi-bars are sometimes used to bring a new dimension to this class.

Tums and Bums

A conditioning class focusing on re-shaping the lower body. This is a low impact class, with an element of cardiovascular work and suitable for all levels of fitness. Fun and light hearted, everyone loves bums and tums!


The ultimate none impact endurance weight training workout to tone and shape the full body